Fast, accurate, cost effective public notifications
for development applications.

We cover everything required for successful public notification, including:


We place advertisements in your choice of newspaper, ensuring the public notice matches the specification required under the Planning Act 2016/Sustainable Planning Act 2009


Property Signage

We design, erect and remove compliant public notification signs on the exact dates necessary. As well, we check signage regularly and repair or replace as required.

Notification Letters

We identify ‘adjoining property owners’ and advise by Registered Post. This involves careful validation via property mapping systems.


We communicate to the relevant Council on your behalf, issuing the required ‘Notice of Intention to Commence’ and ‘Notice of Compliance’, along with all required public notification supporting documents.


Why use Real Property Signs for your public notification?

Accurate, Compliant and Insured

Real Property Signs employs strict checking and control systems to ensure compliance with all requirements of the ‘Planning Act 2016/Sustainable Planning Act 2009‘. We provide ‘PA’/’SPA’ compliant signs and use correct documentation for all actions. We carry appropriate Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

Documented Verification

For each stage of the publication notification process, we provide documented verification of completion. This includes scanned copies of registered post receipts, photographs of signs, newspaper ‘tear-sheets’ etc. We retain these documents for  7 years to ensure that an affidavit, should this be required, can be completed on request.

Fast Turnaround

We confirm all details of a public notification timeline in less than 24 hours of receiving your commission.

Cost Effective

We understand that an error in public notification may result in a delayed or failed development approval. By having Real Property Signs complete the public notification process on your behalf, you can prevent the costs in time and money that may arise from non-compliant public notification.